Beyond Agile

One-day workshop

See the breakthrough process one fast-growing tech giant used to revamp its development pipeline and become a global logistics software behemoth

  • See how this company grew from a $10m revenue to a $10bn market cap in just 10 years
  • Learn the steps for using Beyond Agile in your own organisation
COVID-19 Workshop Update as of March 12th, 2020:
We have made a decision to cancel, postpone or reformat all Beyond Agile events intended to run for the foreseeable future. Below is a list of  physical events that have been moved to a digital format. The webinars on offer are 90 minutes in duration and free. Because of the time restrictions, the webinars cover an overview of Pace and a deep dive into one, of many, aspects of Pace that attendees can take away and apply to their businesses to get immediate benefits.

Upcoming Webinars

Australia | June 3, 2020
Online Webinar
9am AEST (best time for Australia)

9:00 am - 11:00 am

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New Zealand | June 5, 2020
Online Webinar
1pm NZST (best time for New Zealand)

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Get the scoop on how one Oz tech giant created rapid, continuous growth

This tech company’s performance is no accident. Put simply, this company consistently does two things better than anyone else in their industry.

  • They clear consistently the decks for their dev teams so they can focus on, and deploy, ground-breaking, high-value software improvements incredibly rapidly.
  • They’ve implemented a radically different management framework that lets them control and direct the hyper-growth that is the consequence of their insanely fast product development.

The result is that, over the past 10 years, this company's logistics software has vastly outpaced the competition. It’s exponentially improved productivity and efficiency for their customers — and as a result their products are now used by 12,000 logistics operations across the globe with a 1% churn rate.

That’s not to say this tech company’s devs don’t do bug-fixes and respond to (minor-value) customer requests — they do. But this lower-leverage work takes up a smaller proportion of their overall dev time — even as the codebase they’ve overseen has grown enormously.

And, because this company is extremely effective at empowering middle management, they’ve been able to consistently ensure that mission-critical time of senior devs is not consumed by these tasks.

Peter Cronin, Director of ViAGO International Australia

A one-day workshop for creating rapid growth

Join Peter Cronin at this intimate one-day workshop and find out the unique strategy that’s propelling this tech company’s astonishing success.

In particular, Peter will take you through two critical (and complementary) changes that this company has made to its internal processes:

  • Generate rapid growth.
    The revolutionary, high-speed software development approach that builds on the central tenets of Agile and enables this company's teams to develop continuously.
  • Control rapid growth.
    The simple decision-making toolset that management uses to allocate resources and accurately control that all that growth even in the face of increasingly imperfect information.

Peter will demonstrate that this method will work for any situation, in any industry.

More importantly, he will show how you can map Beyond Agile onto your own organization and turn your software development pipeline into a highly efficient machine that cranks out killer improvements with exciting regularity.

And, if he doesn't, he'll happily refund your investment for the day.

Only 15 executives. Roll up your sleeves and get to work-type event.

This workshop is limited to 15 executives from similar-sized companies. This is deliberate as the day is long, information-heavy and hands-on.

The small number of delegates means Peter can spend more time helping each attending organisation craft a detailed and customized transformational plan.

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