Peter Cronin is the Director of ViAGO International Australia

…and your presenter and facilitator for Beyond Agile workshop.

Fosters fast-growth companies

Peter Cronin specialises in working with fast-growing tech companies (and others) to scale performance faster than costs.

Peter is endlessly fascinated by the innovative ways people are able to create real solutions to ‘unbreakable’ business problems using the principles that he teaches.

The mind behind
Black Belt in Thinking

His Black Belt In Thinking course teaches how to build problem solving muscle memory for systematically identifying and solving core business problems rather than relying on fast brain firefighting.

He also teaches how to use simple workflow visibility techniques to smooth and accelerate the flow of work.

Results his clients have achieved include:

  • Finding months’ worth of cash hidden in work-in-progress chaos simply by putting coloured dots on folders.
  • Having one company founder declare his initial solution one as impossible, only to ground that impossible 'flying pig' solution the next day and then implement it in practise.
  • Partnering with a small tech company to implement cause-and-effect plans that have driven its growth into a global giant.

Enthusiastic, knowledgable presenter and facilitator

If you have met Peter you can confirm he is the most excited member of the team.

He attributes this to his experience with implementing fast process changes that stick. He says the secret is applying behavioural psychology to make the new process more reinforcing for users than the old way.

It’s how he frees the time of leaders and founders so they can work on their business, rather than in the business, so they can create a new trajectory for growth.

Peter has been a part of ViAGO ever since conducting a ViAGO sponsored research report while completing his Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours at the University of Waikato. Upon graduating he grew an understanding of real world business through interviewing over 150 business owners and managers.